Love & Elyse



One Saturday morning with a steaming black cup of coffee in one hand and his iPad in the other, David walked into our bedroom, handed me the coffee and said, “Look love, what if I built you something like this, but instead of drawers on the front, I replaced it with farmhouse hinged doors?” He pulled out a sketch of his plans from his back pocket and handed it to me. “Yes!” I exclaimed excitedly. “This is perfect and exactly what I've been looking for! How can I help?”

Some friends of ours who have been building their own furniture too just finished their dining table in a gorgeous off-white color. We loved it so much D and I decided to do our media console in the same color.

Helpful Tip: The quality of wood matters! We used plywood and bead board for the doors for our media console. A couple days after the doors had dried and were already assembled, we noticed a subtle bend in the wood. The paint had soaked in and warped the wood ever so slightly.