Love & Elyse

About Me


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Hi there. My name is Brianne Elyse, but my friends & family call me, Bri. 

I love to design & create. I seek to make things that are simple, timeless, & elegant. 

In 2014 I married my Love, David William. When he asked me if I would design our wedding invitations, I was a little nervous, but I took a step of faith and ventured out on doing something that has since brought me so much creative joy! I love sharing my designs with others and making their special moments something they can hold onto forever.

Today, David and I live in Santa Barbara, California where we enjoy sipping cups of black coffee, taking walks on the beach, and dreaming BIG about our future together. Recently we've moved into a small condominium nestled in the heart of downtown. It’s been an incredible journey that has showed us just how much we love designing, building and creating beautiful spaces together. Check out my blog to see our latest interior design projects.